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Woodwinds & Saxophones
yeah! Mr. Memphis is a tour de force. he is 6' 5" tall, and is a multi-instrumentalist. great showman, and part of the business mgmt team for bellevue. people LOVE this guy. Bruce is also a very talented graphics artist, and fabulous performer, they don't get much bigger, and never better.
Jeff bebop Giacomelli
Jeff Giacomelli has been playing in local bands in the New England area since he was 19. Jeff's favorite musical period is the 1950's through the mid sixties when big toned tenor players ruled in early rock and roll, small jazz combos, and soul music. Co-writing with Doug Bell and arranging the horn section for the band gave Jeff his first opportunity to apply the 'big horn' sound on new material. Jeff has also done some solo projects that led to an original composition being used on the TV series 'One Life to Live'. Also an orchestral composition written by Jeff was arranged by Berklee College Music professor Jerry Seeco and performed by the Claflin Hill Symphony for the 2003 Christmas Concert. Today Jeff enjoys the variety of playing as a freelance musician on the diverse New England Blues "scene".
Jimmy" 2 suits" Capone
jimmy 2 names capone, known as big boss capone, and jimmy 2 suits, joined the witness protection program in 2000, and bellevue cadillac at the same time. before his conviction, he led a big band, and was tenor sax man for Sam Butera, the great tenor man for Louis Prima, jimmy was one of two tenor sax players in bellevue cadillac picked as best tenor players in the country in 1999. quaduple threat on tenor,soprano, clarintet and flute, but why does he carry that violin case?
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