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The Beginning
Bellevue Cadillac was born in 1991 when doug bell was going through a multi-million dollar bankruptcy. the real estate empire was in shambles and there was no creative outlet. so he dusted off his guitar and wrote a series of songs about what happens to people when they lose everything. next, he assembled musicians who were childhood friends to bring these songs to life and looked for a vocalist to carry the emotion of the words. bellevue cadillac was born when all of these elements came together at a music store in milford massachusetts. in after hours sessions, the music came alive with echos of an american roadtrip starting with new orleans jazz and ending up with blue eyed soul. the cadillac rolled off the assembly line and never looked back, still on the road and taking this american music to china and japan, south america and moscow, next stop, the record deal.
Ardeo Records debut artist
Bellevue Cadillac is introduced to Island Records Producer Rob Fraboni, backstage at the Stones Voodoo Lounge tour. Fraboni had Produced, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Beach Boys,The Band,The Rolling Stones, B B King, Bob Marley and others. Bellevue Cadillac began pre production on the CD Black and White. The CD was released on Ardeo Records in 1995 to great reviews, not only for it's music, but also for the HDCD Production Quality as well. Ardeo Records, unfortunately was short lived, and Bellevue Cadillac continued on....