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live video

Once in a Blue Moon
fantastic LIVE show in athens greece of high energy, horn fueled jazz infused mayhem. great songs, fabulous solos, wild stage antics and a road trip of american fun filled music. new songs featured are snake charmer, one girl 2 pretty, summerset, 2 suit strut, under your spell and perfect crime. stunning performances of new arrangements of old favourites and great new songs. fast paced, audience participation and the audience is with the band all the way on this once in a lifetime blue moon over the acropolis in athens greece
Price: US$ 14.99
live double cd featuring bellevue cadillac and a 24 track mobile studio. playing to a packed house at the company theatre performing arts center, this cd is the music from the "drivin'movie" DVD. a night filled with fun, musical guests, and fantastic performances, one not to miss. live versions of havana moon, prozac, must be love, call of the wild, blues on sunday, lay your money down. they are ALL here with energy, humor and capturing a fantastic LIVE n KICKIN' SHOW.
Price: US$ 14.99
"Bellevue Cadillac releases it's 3rd studio CD,and was placed on the GRAMMY NOMINATION BALLOT FOR 2006 in the song of the year, album of the year, record of the year categories, 7 nominations in all. Produced by Tom Hambridge right here in Boston!" a grammy winner himself. the concept cd portrays love as a subject as picasso would have done had he been a songwriter instead of a painter, surf, latin, caribbean,french bistro,jump blues,ska and new orleans influenced the songs about the many sides of love, love of the game, unrequited, twisted,love of country, of family, love lost, found and still looking, with characters right out of the great novels and history books, and a bonus track with ukulele and violin........havana moon worth the price of admission alone!! enjoy
Price: US$ 14.99
Black & White (1995)
Bellevue Cadillac's debut album features the song Black & White, that appears on the Platinum selling SWING THIS BABY! CD, as well as the TV show ED, and Lay Your $ Down, on the TV shows LAS VEGAS, AND CROSSING JORDAN. The original lineup features "Gentleman" Joe Cooper, and The Radio Horns. Produced by the Legendary Rob Fraboni in HDCD format, so the warmth of the old vinyl is what you get here. rave reviews from stereofile magazine for sound and vibe. great reviews from blues review, mary 4 music, rolling stone, jazziz, npr, showbiz tonite, access hollywood, people magazine and billboard. the disc features the swing hit "black & white" which became the neo swing anthem of the 90s. some reviews said the cd harkened back to james carr and those great sounding 50s rhythm and blues tracks of that era. mixed and mastered by rob fraboni production legend. the cd that started the movement.
Price: US$ 14.99
Prozac Nation (1998)
"Produced by Rob Fraboni This CD contains the Single, Blow Wind Blow, from the movie SHALLOW HAL, and Prozac, from the Sopranos, Pay Pay Pay, from Good and Evil, and Call of the Wild, from Brimstone. ,Special guests include Craig McIntirye (Kenny Chesney Band), Alizon Lesance (Love Dogs) and the Boston Community Gospel Choir is featured on Mysteries. Look for the Secret track, not to be missed. engineered by Todd Winmill"
Price: US$ 14.99
Outtakes/Takeout - Live at Chan's
The band captured at its best. This recording is the result of 10 sold shows in a row at Chan's and features, Gentleman Joe Cooper, as well as special guest, Gordon "Sugar Bear" Michaels, who later became a featured vocalist with the Bellevue Cadillac Band. Todd Winmill engineering. Look for the bonus track, it's a must for collectors!
Price: US$ 14.99
Regent Teather Live (2002)  --  sold out!
This 2 Disk set features vocalist Gordon "Sugar Bear" Michaels. A December blizzard for our Christmas Show, and Producer Todd Winmill. He did a magnificent job at capturing the bands energetic live performance. The album features the rarely performed song Hollywood Jack, Why Can't We Be, and The Christmas Song.
Price: US$ 14.99
Company Theater Live (2005)  --  sold out!
This CD is from the Sold Out show at the Company Theatre after the Blizzard of '05. This one features The Count, Annalee Blume, and the Childrens Chours from the Indian Brook School. Something for everyone here, and the sound is FANTASTIC!!! A 24 channel mobile recording studio captured an"on fire" performance.
Price: US$ 14.99