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 Bellevue Cadillac Cruises at Own Speed, Billboard Magazine
Bellevue Cadillac proves that you don't need record company support, to create national attention and recognition. they've toured nationally and internationally, had their music in television shows, and major motion pictures, and are recorded on almost 20 cds in 30 countries. the baby boomer band that could and still can! april 2004.
 Prozac Nation is Addictive!, Jazziz Magazine
the august 98 issue of jazziz cover article gave bellevue an unbelievable review!!! "Prozac Nation: The Boston-based,jump-blues band taps into all the raw energy and fun that R&B has to offer. Enriched by strong vocals and insightful lyrics filled with social commentary, this CD proves addictive." william stephenson, senior editor, music reviews
 pick of the week, people magazine
people magazine hails swing this baby cd,and bellevue cadillac song "black and white" pick of the week!!!! in their biggest issue of best and worst, it's good to be the best!
 Bellevue Cadillac is Best, Rolling Stone Magazine Cover
rolling stone magazine's james hunter declares" bellevue cadillac one of the best two bands in the country in the neo swing genre," "bellevue cadillac's black and white proves that swing has tone and groove, and even some empty space". from the August, Hot Issue Cover article in 1998, Swing Revival: is it jumpin' or just jive.
 black and white, Boston Phoenix
" I'ts easy to see why this band has acquired so many fans in record short time.(their debut CD) surpasses anything you might expect from a young band on their first studio outing... in fact, i'd even go as far as to say that it's close to being a masterpiece." Mark Edmonds, the Phoenix.
 black and white, pulse magazine
"there's a lot of beauty in this CD, mostly in the lyrics of hearachers like 'why can't we be', and on uptempo numbers like th opening 'black and white' drive the band even better than the crisp rhythm team and ther brass" Ted Drozdowski, Pulse magazine
 black and white, boston blues society
"the music on this remarkable debut disc is eclectic american music. It combines elements of big band jazz, classic sixties R&B, blues, pop, cartoon and boogie woogie, to name a few ... the elements are red, hot and stewing on this record- call it American Gumbo!" enjoy the ride on Bellevue Cadillac's debut roadtrip." Jim Bailey, Boston Blues Society.
 black and white, Blues Review
"This is the toe tappingest swingingest band i have ever heard!" Art Tipaldi, Blues Review Magazine
 CD Review - Take Out Out Takes, Atomic Magazine
"It may seem like an oxymoron to use the terms "joyous" and "blues" in the same sentence. But you can't help putting the two together when describing the live set from Bellevue Cadillac on Take Out Out Takes: Live at Chan's Jazz Club. The Live format of the disc works perfectly for the band, since a studio recording may have cleaned the grease from under their nails and extinguished the fire under their tails. As is, the horns are dripping and the rhythm section is ripping." -- Gary Miller
 CD Review Prozac Nation, blues review magazine
"doug bell is a brilliant songwriter, this one would make a great raymond chandler soundtrack. we love pay pay pay, a real new orleans vibe, and the stellar calaypso of blow wind blow, a stunner".