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 CD Review - Prozac Nation, All Music Guide
After a marathon session with producer Rob Fraboni (The Rolling Stones), Bellevue Cadillac has emerged with a therapeutic offering called Prozac Nation.

In an age where retro rules popular culture, Bellevue Cadillac goes beyond topping Cab Calloway charts with superficial lyrics and invites you into a real piece of the swing revival. Prozac's authenticity offers a seductive antidote to the hyper world of sex, drugs, and rock & roll: intelligent observations on romance, mood stabilizers, and non-derivative compositions.

In addition to the straight swing of songs such as "Call of the Wild," "Pull the Plug," and the title track, Bellevue Cadillac offers a well-written collection of convincing island rhythms ("Blow Wind Blow"), genuine spy music ("Hazel Eyes"), smooth R&B ("Goes Around"), tender balladry ("Stay"), and even choir-backed Gospel ("Mysteries"). On this album, the Cadillac revs up into an energetic album that holds its own among the ever-growing crowd of big band-wagoners. ~ Matthew Robinson, AllMusicGuide,com
 CD Review - Prozac Nation, In Music We Trust
"Their swing is quite good, which really got me into the album, but when I heard them do soul as well, I was sold. These guys are very versatile, so it's no wonder they're creating quite a buzz in the swing world. I'll give this disc an A." -- Alex Steininger
 bellevue jumps, Stereophile magazine
Bellevue cadillac's 1st national review. they reviewd the cd, and seperately reviewed
rob fraboni's production (stones, dylan, clapton,marley, etc.)" by audiophile standards, this is very good music... and you can dance to it. stereophile mag, 1996
 CD Review - Black & White, All Music Guide
"Born when "Professor" Doug Bell asked "Gentleman" Joe Cooper if he wanted to start an "original" band, Bellevue Cadillac has come to be one of the hottest and most original bands around and a leader in the resurgence of the swing era (as if it ever left!).

On Black and White, little of the band's rock-the-roof-off energy is lost. In fact, the only things missing are the fedoras and big suits. From the opening rip into the title track to the final thumps of "Heartbeat," the album is a 12-part story of passion for everything "real" — from music to cars to women and much more. Having played with a bevy of artist ranging from the Blues Brothers to Prince, Cadillac churns together echoes of swing and jazz giants like Count Basie and Duke Ellington (whose classic "It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)" is playfully sampled on the opening cut) with a Stax-y R&B vibe, down-home blues (lead by Bell's whining and wailing big-bodied six-string) and even a bit of doo wop.

Black and White is a colorful journey where each turn reveals a different side of the Bellevue sound, all of which shine like the chrome of a classic Cadillac tailpipe. Idling only occasionally, Bellevue Cadillac rocks and rolls down the musical highway, picking up fans young and old along the way." — Matthew Robinson