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 peter gabriel loves bellevue, house of blues
peter gabriel grabbed the professor after the last show at hob, and said, "man i really enjoyed your show!"
 CD Review - Prozac Nation, NPR editor Milo Miles
"Bellevue Cadillac are the underground leaders of the so-called "neoswing" movement because they stretch the limits, trash the rules and party outside the thematic conventions of the style.

They offer tributes to both good old diner coffee and trendy anti-depressants. They borrow from organ-driven TV themes as well as horn-heavy dancefloor favorites from 1947. And all this variety moves them closer to having modern heads wrapped in vintage sounds rather than serving up mere style exercises like too many of their peers in neoswing.

"Pull the Plug" (about doing in deadwood Boomers) is not just a sound jump-blues master Louis Jordan would recognize, it's a song he would immediately cover if he were performing today. And despite all the new alcohol anthems floating around, not many folks can come up with jive lines like "Put a bar in your car/Drive yourself to drink."

Gentleman Joe Cooper's caustic vocal on "Yes You Do" shows that the tough-times blues never goes out of style and always fits in." -N.P.R. Music Editor Milo Miles